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DeepWell Data Services provides powerful, web-based tools to collect, store, analyze and report vital data. We supply the information tracking tools you need to help you manage and evaluate your programs. We serve clients across the United States in government, education, business, and non-profit sectors who administer federal- or state-funded programs. The services we provide are customized and targeted to the needs of your specific program. DeepWell Data Services will ensure that your program data is managed as efficiently as possible so you can focus on the needs of your participants.

DWDS Data Systems

DeepWell Data Services has developed software solutions for the following types of programs. Click on the Program name for more information.

DWDS also supports following types of projects. Please contact DeepWell Data Services for more information.

  • SLC
  • ID
  • REMS
  • PEP
  • 21st CCLC

Project Showcase

The Healthy Marriage Initiative is a federally-funded program to provide married couples with greater access to marriage education in order to help them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to sustain a healthy and lasting marriage. DeepWell Data Services provides survey and data-tracking software to not-for-profit organizations who provide marriage education and counseling to married couples. Our custom software ties records together so that both the progress of individuals and of couples as a unit can be monitored and evaluated.