DeepWell Data Services develops powerful, web-based tools to collect, store, analyze and report vital data. Our cutting-edge, fully customizable software minimizes the burden and complexity of data-tracking, giving you more time to focus on the needs of your project. At the same time our powerful reporting features allow you to quickly identify potential problems and highlight successes to ensure that project goals are being met and processes are continually being improved.


We serve clients across the United States in government, education, business, and non-profit sectors who administer federal- or state-funded programs. DeepWell Data Services works with school districts, universities, law enforcement agencies, and community and religious organizations. Our clients include recipients of grants to reduce drug and alcohol abuse, provide educational support to low-income students, and to provide professional development to teachers.


Unlike generic software packages that are only partially compatible with your project needs, DeepWell Data Services designs custom software specifically for your project. We take the time to meet with you, discuss and evaluate your data-tracking needs, and propose solutions specifically tailored to your project to ensure maximum efficiency and ease of use. Because our software applications are web-based, they are flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of your project.


Our software solutions are stream-lined and user-friendly, but to help you maximize our data-tracking tools, we provide a complete, fully-searchable knowledge base of frequently asked questions that detail all of the features of your software package. In addition, all of our software packages come with a built-in web form that allows you to contact our specialists directly.


DeepWell Data Services employs database specialists and expert web-programmers with years of experience and advanced degrees in their respective fields. These specialists combine innovative concepts with best practice solutions to ensure that your data is managed and protected according to industry standards. Our employees are customer-oriented and make superior service and technical support a top priority.


  • Our company provides evaluation services for grant recipients. The Deepwell Data System is the perfect solution for tracking the outcomes needed for completing the federal reports required by the grant. The system also provides data that assists the program managers in making logical decisions regarding future planning for their grants and other upcoming projects. Most importantly to us, we are able to work with the programmers directly in providing solutions that will benefit our clients. The customer service is second to none.

    Bethany Bowman
    Director of Operations
    EPPC Global Management, Inc.
  • As the Principal Evaluator of a large GEAR UP grant, I faced the enormous challenge of collecting, storing, analyzing, and reporting longitudinal data on thousands of students and teachers over six years. Initially we used off-the-shelf software solutions such as Microsoft’s Access database program to accomplish this task. Although this seemed to provide a solution in the short-term it actually created more problems than it solved. We quickly found ourselves buried in data that was disorganized, challenging to enter, and difficult to access. Thankfully we discovered DeepWell Data Services. DeepWell worked closely with us to understand our data needs and created an amazing customized, comprehensive data solution. Having easy, reliable access to all of the program data allows the program and evaluation staff to focus on improving program outcomes instead of struggling with data problems. Generating the required federal reports is a breeze. Managing the massive amount of data associated with large grants without DeepWell Data Services is no longer an option -- there’s just too much as stake.

    R. Shawn Edmondson ,Ph.D.
    Senior Research Associate
    Spectrum Education Group
  • I have found the services DeepWell has provided us to be excellent. This includes everything from assisting our evaluation firm in identifying important data requirements when writing our grant, to the implementation of a database that serves our exact needs. On top of these services, DeepWell has been very proactive with any issues or questions we have with regards to our reporting, the facilitating of our database, as well as the development of survey forms and questions we needed for evaluating our curriculum.

    I would highly recommend their services to anyone. They always make sure we are satisfied, and they respond quickly to any questions we have as their client.

    Becky Tierney, MAED
    Community Project Coordinator
    Weber-Morgan County Health Department


DeepWell Data Services is partnered with education, government, and business entities to allow us to provide comprehensive services for your project. We work closely with evaluation firms to make sure that our data solutions fully meet the goals and stipulations of your grant program. Our partnership with these grant-evaluators allows us propose proven methods for the management of your project data.