DeepWell Data Services provides powerful, web-based tools to collect, store, analyze and report vital data. DWDS supplies the information tracking tools clients and evaluators need to manage and evaluate their HMI projects.

Spouse/Couple Linking

The DeepWell HMI Data System allows your project to link spouse or couple profiles together but still track services received at the individual level. Linking a profile to a spouse is as simple as searching for and selecting the name of an already existing profile from a list.

When a profile is linked to a spouse, all address information can be updated to match that of the spouse’s profile.

Reports – Services Received

View and compare the completion rates of each participant in your program. Reports showing services received and completion rates for both the mentored and mentoring are standard. Spouse reports allow your project to evaluate success by comparing spouse results and completion rates side by side.

Case Management

Each participant in the DeepWell HMI Data System has their own Case Management page. Progress can be monitored and tracked and adjustments can be made based on the individual records. Case Management reports can be viewed online or can be exported to pdf files for easy printing or email. Each report contains uploaded photos, services received, services rendered, and summary data showing the total number sessions attended and total service hours received.


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DWDS Data Systems

DeepWell Data Services has developed software solutions for the following types of programs. Click on the Program name for more information.

DWDS also supports following types of projects. Please contact DeepWell Data Services for more information.

  • SLC
  • ID
  • REMS
  • PEP
  • 21st CCLC

HMI Features and Package Options

Profiles Standard Premium Professional
Participant Profiles
Staff Profiles
Organization Profiles
Spouse Linking
# of Staff Logins
User Proxy Control
Attendance Rolls
Case Management Center
Profile Photo Image
Organization Privacy Settings
Staff/Participant Email Center
Staff Contact List
Staff/Participant Mailing Labels
Printable Case Management Report
Activites Standard Premium Professional
Activites Tracking
Activity Categories
Completion Time Tracking
Goal # Tracking
Printable Activity Report
Activity Attendance Standard Premium Professional
Attendance Sessions
Class Name Tracking
Copy Attendance to New Session
Photo Documentation
Bar Coded Roll Scanning
Media Attendance Tracking
Reports Standard Premium Professional
Annual Performance Reports
Additional Standard Reports
Custom Reports
Calendar Standard Premium Professional
Custom Project Events
Activity Attendance
Basic Calendar Print Function
Media Attendance
Detailed Calendar pdf Report
Survey Data Summary on Calendar
Additional Features Standard Premium Professional
Extended Attributes (custom trackable data)
Export Grids to Excel
Filter/Group/Sort Grid
Bulk File Uploads
Deletion Center
Merging Center
Centralized Document Repository
Project Gantt Chart
Custom Grid Columns
Support Standard Premium Professional
Support Ticket System
Email based Support
Phone Support
Project Directors / Evaluators Standard Premium Professional
Evaluator Message Board
Project SnapShot Module
Surveys Standard Premium Professional
Online Surveys
Survey Categories
Printable Report Linking

Each data portal can be individually tailored and customized to meet the needs of your HMI project. Please contact DeepWell Data Services for pricing and package details.