DeepWell Data Services Partners

DeepWell Data Services partners and works with education, grant-evaluation, security and technology services firms to provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for your organization.

Spectrum Consulting
Research, Education, and Development Services
Spectrum Consulting and the Spectrum family of Companies have partnered with DeepWell Data Services to provided a diversity of professional services to their clients. Spectrum Consulting has served clients in education, public health, nonprofit service, government, and business since 1997.
Spectrum Education Evaluation and Research
Research, Education, and Development Services
Spectrum Educational Evaluation and Research (SEER) provides evaluative services to grant-funded education projects across the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. SEER provides high-quality evaluations based upon grant goals and objectives. SEER evaluators work directly with DeepWell Data and their clients to develop, implement, and track evaluations and programs that will directly benefit both the client-organization and the grant funder. SEER evaluators work closely with DWDS to analyze the results of data collection for continuous improvement and decision-making.
Spectrum Grant Lab
Federal, State, and Private Grant Writing Services
Spectrum Grant Lab (SGL) partners with clients and DeepWell Data to design, prepare, and submit applications for Federal, state, and private grant funding. SGL offers a variety of services free of charge to clients: designing and conducting needs assessments, facilitating project design/planning activities, facilitating development of key partnerships between clients and other entities, writing grant proposals (in part or in full), submitting grant proposals, and managing post-submission, pre-funding communication with funding agency staff.
Spectrum Health Policy Research
Health Related Evaluation Services
Spectrum Health Policy Research (SHPR) provides a range of services to public health programs across the United States. Data collection, management, and reporting can be the most challenging aspect of any public health project. Evaluators who can collect data easily, manage it seamlessly and securely, and report it to project decision-makers and funding organization officers in a timely manner can help a project thrive.

SHPR partners with information technology professionals at DeepWell Data Services to design data solutions that fit the needs and specifications of programs they evaluate. With real-time data and intelligent analyses, public health professionals can respond to their clients’ needs more efficiently. Shortcoming in project activities can be corrected. Successes can be reported to stakeholders and built upon.
thereNow, Inc.
thereNow has demonstrated the potential efficacy of a new approach to in-classroom coaching: a professional development delivery method that uses technology to connect teachers with coaches that are expert both in content and professional development strategies.

thereNow has partnered with DeepWell Data to design and research the hardware and software necessary to enable classroom observation. ThereNow is currently refining advanced prototypes of this system, called IRIS.
Innovation Campus
Utah State University
The Utah State University Innovation Campus provides easy access to and collaboration with many high tec and cutting edge companies located at the Innovation Campus.
EPPC Global Management
Education Public Policy & Consulting
EPPC Global Management has partnered with DeepWell Data Services to track and monitor data for many of their Healthy Marriage Initiative Grants.

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