DeepWell Data Services strives to produce streamlined, simple, and user-friendly tools for our clients. Part of our design philosophy is “less is more,” which means that our products meet the exact needs of your project and do not contain unnecessary “extras” that only add another layer of needless complexity to your project. Our tools are also undergo extensive testing to ensure their dependability and durability. Our clients, therefore, quickly master our software interface, and find that our products dramatically increase the efficiency of their project record-keeping.

Although our tools are designed with this simplicity in mind, we are committed to providing superior customer service and full technical support for our tools. After we have designed our clients’ software we provide comprehensive, on-site training where we demonstrate the full functionality of our products. Thereafter, our staff is always available to answer questions or solve problems via e-mail or telephone. All of our software products include a help request form, where you can put in the details of your problem or concern, and an e-mail will automatically be sent to our support staff, who will respond as quickly as possible.

DeepWell also provides whatever documentation is necessary to meet the needs of our clients’ users, from manuals to job aids, depending upon what is most appropriate for your organizations. In addition, all of our tool components include integrated tooltips, to give additional guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the documentation and tooltips we provide with each of our products, we have also compiled an extensive knowledge base of frequently asked questions that address every aspect of our various tool components, from entering data to creating profiles to designing custom reports. This FAQ is fully searchable and contains links to related articles. The interface of our products is embedded with help icons that take you directly to the articles that relate directly to the tool currently being used. The FAQ also contains a forum where our clients can post comments about the articles or ask questions of other clients or our technical support staff. The forum is frequently monitored and all questions are provided with rapid and complete answers.